American Drone Rental offers drone rentals, lens rentals, and gimbal rentals for DJI products.

When it comes to renting a drone online, we are the experts and have been at the forefront since early, 2013. We were the first company to offer online drone rentals through our other division, Camera Lens Rentals. Whether you're a professional or an amateur looking to try a new drone, gimbal, or lens, you have come to the right place. We offer rentals on many DJI drones, compatible lenses, and accessories, for all your rental needs.

American Drone Rental accepts reservations on any drone we carry and you can reserve a drone, as far out as you need to. We are very active in the drone community and stay on top of new laws and technology, so you can rent with a confidence.

American Drone Rental prides itself on our customer service. We look forward to providing you the best customer service possible. Remember we are drone enthusiasts like yourself and know what it’s like to need the right drone for the job.

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